Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Bit of Fiction

I had to write a short story in one page for my writing class, this is the result:

“Shut up you little fucker!  If your crying brings the coach, next time we will make it much worse on you.”   Blue wakes with a start. He lays his face against his rolled up coat and tries to dam up his tears.  He used to call this “making a Hoover” with his son. He wonders if it will hurt forever.  He wonders if his son still exists somewhere other than here in this cold place.  Blue hopes he is happy.  He wonders if all these memories will forever haunt him.  The dam breaks.

  Blue sits up pulling his knees deep into himself.  He must go to Tiny’s and get some shit, but knows he cannot. He owes Tiny and Tiny lacks compassion; “Heartless fucker.” Blue’s hands shake as he stuffs his life deep into his dark dingy backpack.  He must think of something. He steps over Zero, still sleeping. Blue stops midstride, sees the smiling gleam of the blade peaking out beneath Zero’s pillow.  Blue smiles back.

“Bitch, gimmee everything in the register” Blue howls, wielding his sharp metallic savior. “Freeze!”  Blue wheels and sees the cop, gun drawn.  “Drop the fucking knife.” “I caint; knife’s gonna save me.” The gun shouts twice.  Blue feels searing heat as his chest is two times torn. Blue cascades to the ground. His pain sprays, and then pools on the floor of the Circle S. Mr. Cop stands over Blue remorsefully.  Blue laughs a gurgling laugh and smiles, says “Thank you, it don’t hurt.”

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